Get Rid Of Facebook chat virus in minutes

Hope you noticed that a facebook chat virus is spreading links with some attractive messages. See some sample messages here. 

“Did you see how will u look like in 20 years from now? lol —-> {bitly link }”
“ Hey!! is this photo urs? … OMG!!! —-> {bitly link }”
“ omg hahah have u seen this photo u got tagged in LOL —-> {bitly link }” 

This messages are pop up with a shortened url of  “http:// yaira .info” If you clicked any of the link it will ask for a facebook application access request. this is the last option to stay away from this kind of fake applications. If you click on “Don’t Allow” button, nothing will happen. Instead of that if you are clicking on “Allow” button it will grand the access to facebook chat.You can see the access type in the popup message. Here it is “Access Facebook Chat” Normally genuine applications will show the Icon and application name. Here the application name is “Check it”.

If you are permitted this Facebook application to access your Facebook chat, It will start spreading messages with infected links to your online friends.
There is an option to remove this Rogue application. By checking infected facebook accounts we come in a conclusion that this application is not retaining access. you can check it on your Privacy settings.
Go to “Accounts” > “Privacy Settings
Find “Apps and Websites” in bottom and click on “Edit Your Settings
Click on “Edit settings” Under “Apps you use”
Here you can see the applications retain access to your account

If you see an application named “Check it” Select “Remove app
Also find and clean all applications which is not familiar.