Samsung Expected To Introduce Touchless Gesture

The coming iteration of the Samsung Galaxy S is one of the most anticipated Smartphones that has ever been introduced in the technology world. The device is highly anticipated because of the high record bar set by last flagship of the Samsung. The Galaxy S III was one of the best gadgets introduced by Samsung Electronics and now, Samsung is currently working on Galaxy S4. There are other Smartphones in the market which people are looking forward to like HTC M7 that is to be unveiled at the Mobile World Congress which is to be held in two weeks.

New Experiment For Galaxy S4

As we know that Samsung’s Galaxy S III is one of the best in Smartphone and makes the new iteration of Galaxy S more interesting. However, there are a lot of rumors in the market around the world. So, according to the recent rumor it is expected that Samsung might come up with the touch less gesture technology. The Korean Daily Publication said that Samsung is currently using Atmel’s latest mustache S controllers for the Galaxy S4 that will allow gesture Navigation throughout the interface without screen contact. We already know that Sony’s device Xperia Sola is equipped with something called floating touch. Actually, the device uses self capacitive touch sensor along with the mutual capacitive digitizer
Galaxy S4
Samsung using Atmel Maxtouch for Galaxy S IV

Galaxy S4 to Carry Touchless Gesture Function

The touch less sensor function will definitely help the new iteration of Galaxy to stand out of all the devices introduced by rival manufacturers. It will be the most appreciated things in the market if Samsung manages to work it out in their new invention, because that will be something never really expected by technology realm. There is another device which is said to be equipped with a touch less gesture technology but the device use the front camera to detect the movement, which surely means consumption of massive energy.
Samsung Galaxy S4 Specifications
Concept of Samsung Galaxy S4

Launch of Galaxy S4
It is a speculation that Samsung Electronics will introduce the Galaxy S4 on 15 March 2013 whereas Samsung itself has not said anything about the announcement of their new flagship. The speculation is that Samsung’s new device will be up for sale by the start of April. It has also been rumored that Samsung will first introduce the device in Eastern Europe and then in Asia. The device is expected to reach USA Australia and Africa in between May and June 2013.

Specification Speculations

Lots of rumors are about the specs of the device. Well, according to the speculation no such level of Smartphone has been up to these specs until now. The Organization is said to be giving the best in their new device and practically consecrating their talent for the new invention due in March 2013. It is being said that the device will carry 2.0 GHz quad core processor, 2.0 GB DDR3 RAM, 13 Mega Pixel Camera, 4.99 inch1920 by 1080 full HD AMOLED display and might also have touch less gesture technology.
Well, it is “best of luck” to the Korean Giant as they also intend to set up a target of selling 10 Million Galaxy S4 each month

Samsung Galaxy S4 Specifications
Samsung Galaxy S4 Specifications


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