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Samsung announces HomeSync cloud storage solution

On the heels of the Galaxy Note 8.0 announcement, Samsung announced a new cloud storage solution called HomeSync. It provides a connected media experience for the entire family.  It includes a 1TB drive that will sync multiple devices and allows for eight separate accounts to cover the whole family. Family members can upload and download content from multiple devices and share with other family members. Each family member’s area is kept private via their specific ID and password along with file encryption.
It also allows you to stream content from Galaxy devices to the TV wirelessly. The included Jelly Bean media player brings the familiar Android experience to the TV, and gives users access to the Play Store and all their apps.
It will be available in April 2013 in select countries. No pricing was announced.
Full press release after the break:
Samsung HomeSync creates connected media experience for the whole family
Provides home cloud for storing, sharing and streaming content across multiple devices
Barcelona, February 24, 2013 – Samsung Electronics Co, Ltd., a global leader in digital media and digital convergence technologies, today announced Samsung HomeSync, a home hub solution that a shared storage fit for a family, the best entertainment experience on a big screen TV, and a new way of enjoying your HDTV through a familiar and smarter Android user experience.
Shared Storage for a Family
HomeSync’s 1TB drive can help you sync to multiple devices, providing shared or private storage for all your content. It supports eight separate accounts to cover a whole family, and allows each user to upload and download content from multiple devices and instantly share with other family members. File encryption and user-specific ID and password ensure content in a user’s private area remains separate from the shared area in HomeSync.
Entertainment on a Big Screen
The HomeSync brings the best of Android gaming, movies, TV shows and streaming content direct into your living room. It allows you to stream content from your Galaxy device wirelessly to the TV – letting you watch, see and use all your home videos, photos and apps, and all at a full HD 1080p.
Giving any HDTV new Smarts
Users can enjoy the full and familiar Android experience with HomeSync’s Jelly Bean media player and access to Play Store and all of your apps.  HomeSync also enables new ways to interact with your content via the control modes enabled wirelessly on the phone.
HomeSync will be available from April 2013 in select countries and continue to expand globally.

HomeSync specifications

*All functionality, features, specifications and other product information provided in this document including, but not limited to, the benefits, design, pricing, components, performance, availability, and capabilities of the product are subject to change without notice or obligation.
*Android, Google, Android Beam, Google Search, Google Maps, Gmail, Google Latitude, Google Play Store, Google Play Books, Google Play Movies, Google Plus, YouTube, Google Talk, Google Places, Google Navigation, and Google Downloads are trademarks of Google Inc.
About Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. is a global leader in technology, opening new possibilities for people everywhere. Through relentless innovation and discovery, we are transforming the worlds of televisions, smartphones, personal computers, printers, cameras, home appliances, LTE systems, medical devices, semiconductors and LED solutions. We employ 236,000 people across 79 countries with annual sales exceeding KRW 201 trillion.

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Samsung officially announces the Galaxy Note 8.0

Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0
Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0
As expected, Samsung just made the Galaxy Note 8.0 official. Although it will be considered a tablet by most, the international version will be able to make phone calls. Just like the Note 10.1, it will include an IR blaster along with the Peel remote software. Of course, since it’s a Note device, it will include the S Pen.
Samsung is including Awesome Note for the first time in an Android tablet. It’s an integrated application that is capable of unlimited note-taking uses including Memo, Diary, and Must-remember lists. Also for the first time in the Galaxy Note line, the included S Pen can control the physical menu/back buttons on the device with WACOM technology. Many of the other applications available on other Samsung Note devices are present such as Pop up Note, Pop Up Video, Dual View multi-window support, and Air View.
“The Galaxy Note 8.0 breaths fresh life into the category as it delivers the perfect fusion of portability and everyday productivity – the result is a pioneering, pocket-sized solution that enhances and enriches our everyday lives, whether at work or play,” said JK Shin, President of the IT & Mobile Communications Division at Samsung Electronics.
The Galaxy Note 8.0 will be available in the 2nd quarter in Europe, Korea, North America, S.E. Asia, S. W. Africa, the Middle East, China, Taiwan, and Latin America. Pricing wasn’t specified.
  • 8-inch (1280 x 800) display at 189 ppi
  • 1.6GHz quad-core Exynos CPU
  • 2GB of RAM
  • 32GB or 64GB of storage
  • microSD slot for up to an additional 64GB
  • 5MP rear camera
  • 1.3MP front camera
  • 4,600 mAh battery
  • HSPA+ 21Mpbs (850/900/1900/2100)
  • Operating system: Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean
  • Dimensions: 210.8 x 135.9 x 7.95
  • Weight: 338 grams
  • Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean
  • S Pen optimized features: S Note, S Planner, e-mail with handwriting integration; Quick Command; Easy Clip; Photo Note; Paper Artist; Air View; Popup Note; Popup Video; Shape Match; Formula Match; Idea Sketch
  • Sharing Features: AllShare Play; AllShare Cast (Wifi Display mirroring and extension); AllShare Framework
Be sure to check out our complete Mobile World Congress coverage here.
Full press release:


SEOUL, Korea [February 24, 2011] – Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd, a global leader in digital media and digital convergence technologies, today announced the launch of the 8 inch tablet, the GALAXY Note 8.0; a new era of intelligent Note technology set to re-ignite the mid-size tablet category that Samsung established in 2010. Providing unrivalled multimedia performance within a compact one-hand-grip screen, the GALAXY Note 8.0 has the power and advanced technology to evolve the tablet experience and ensure you achieve new levels of efficient multi-tasking while benefitting from superb voice call functionality*. Furthermore, the intelligent S Pen brings together the latest innovation and the ease of using a traditional pen and paper; creating a sophisticated mobile experience that will enhance life on the go.
“Back in 2010 the launch of the first Samsung GALAXY Tab with 7 inch screen opened a new chapter in the mobile industry. Now almost three years later, Samsung continues to evolve the sector that meets the demands of modern life.” said JK Shin, President of the IT & Mobile Communications Division at Samsung Electronics.
“The GALAXY Note 8.0 breaths fresh life into the category as it delivers the perfect fusion of portability and everyday productivity – the result is a pioneering, pocket-sized solution that enhances and enriches our everyday lives, whether at work or play,” added Shin.
At the core of the GALAXY Note 8.0’s innovative solutions are beneficial functions, including multi-window options to split the portable 8inch screen and allow optimal access to a number of live applications; a new generation of Samsung’s intelligent S Pen with advanced usability; access to a suite of S Note templates and tools that allow you to create, edit, manage and share everyday documents; the Samsung “reading mode” technology to enjoy e books with optimized resolution, video and voice calls*. In addition, a suite of exciting new content and services are pre-loaded for users at no additional cost including, for the very first time on Samsung GALAXY tablet, the innovative Flipboard, and Awesome Note.
A smart diary for life on the go
Slim and compact enough to become the perfect on-the-go work and play companion, the GALAXY Note 8.0 brings powerful performance and functionality to support even the most demanding of lifestyles. Designed to store and manage your personal and professional data efficiently, the new era device gives users the perfect pocket-sized hands-on organizational tool. Practical S Note templates and S Planner feature help to manage everyday tasks, including meeting notes, to-do lists and even personal diary entries. All content can be entered and updated with the finest of detail thanks to the evolution of the intelligent Samsung S Pen. Enhanced precision is offered with Handwriting-to-Text conversion and advanced Productivity Tools that support formula and shape recognition are now available at the touch of your S Pen.
New content and services
GALAXY Note 8.0 is packed with pre-loaded content and apps specifically for the value maximizing, mass multimedia consumer. Upgraded Chat-On provides easy instant messaging and group chatting in multiple formats – images, video, voice, contacts – for simple, enjoyable communication. Awesome Note, an integrated application that is introduced in android tablet for the first time with NOTE 8.0, is capable of unlimited note-taking uses including Memo, Diary and Must-remember lists. With Flipboard, your news, social network and other feeds come together in one stylish, flippable format so you can enjoy all your news and life’s great moments in one place. Flipboard developed a customized version of its application exclusively for Samsung that allows users to take the S Pen’s hover feature and preview article headers beneath Flipboard’s main screen tiles. Finally, Smart Remote, gives you a universal remote control and electronic programming guide allowing you to manage TV and video watching seamlessly.
A new age of S Pen intelligence
Optimized to aid personalized creativity, the Samsung S Pen has evolved to increase everyday usability and enhance creation expression. Embedded within the tablet, the S Pen is an extension of the GALAXY Note 8.0. Removing the S Pen from the device will automatically launch innovative features such as Pen Detection that will suggest adapted menus that it thinks you’ll need and Page Buddy, a feature that will intuitively activate your most recently adapted S Note home screen.
S Pen technology is now so advanced that it doesn’t even have to touch the screen. With Air View, the S Pen needs only to hover over the screen to see previews of videos, emails, photos and appointments on SPlanner without opening the file or application in full. S Pen Gesture allows images and content to be easily edited and cropped, whilst Paper Artist and Photo Note allow photos to be artistically personalized.
In addition, for the very first time in GALAXY NOTE category, you can use S Pen to control the physical menu/back buttons on the device with WACOM technology.
Maximizing mass multimedia consumption
Creative multi-tasking with the GALAXY Note 8.0 is effortless due to innovative Dual View feature, two multi window options that seamlessly allow you to facilitate multi-screen usage. Dual View’s split screen accommodates optimal operation of different apps, such as launching the S Note on the web browser screen and allowing content to be resized, dragged and dropped as required.
Multi-tasking is extended to phone calls*. Pop Up Note allows you to access S Note at any time to keep track of key actions and Pop Up Video ensures you can keep surfing the web whilst chatting – content windows can be easily resized by pinching to enlarge or reduce.
Perfect info-tainment partner
Packed with features to engage, entertain and excite, the GALAXY Note 8.0 supports your practical everyday needs. Reading Mode transforms the GALAXY Note 8.0 into an e-Book reader, provides the optimal reading conditions to ensure you can curl up and enjoy a good book. You can even turn it into a universal remote control with Smart Remote, to seamlessly manage TVs, set-up boxes, DVD & Blu-ray players.

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The GALAXY Note 8.0 will be available from 2Q of 2013 worldwide (EUR, KOR, NA, SEA, SWA, MEA, CHN, TW, LA)

GALAXY Note 8.0 Product Specifications
GALAXY Note 8.0 Product Specifications

Samsung Galaxy S4 To Be Launched In Mid March

Samsung Galaxy S4
Samsung Galaxy S4
It is being constantly reported through sources that Samsung Electronics intends to launch their new iteration of Galaxy S4 in the mid March 2013. The exact date is stated in the 15th of March 2013. SamMobile has reported that the Korean Giant strongly intends to launch the device in March. However, it is also being said that the device will be available in the market by the start of April 2013.
It is also a speculation that Samsung prefers to launch the device after the World Mobile Conference (WMC) because the device does not get much required attention. On the contrary it has been rumored that Samsung Electronics might announce the date and venue for the launch of their new Galaxy S IV. Also, Samsung may launch their Galaxy Note 8.0 tablet at WMC.

Samsung Galaxy S4 Anticipated Rumor
Samsung Galaxy S4 Anticipated Rumor
Galaxy S4 Codenamed

It has also been reported that Korean Tech Giants Samsung Electronics have condemned the new Galaxy S IV as “Altius” expected to go on sale near April 2013. It has been rumored that Samsung might introduce new charging capabilities in the Galaxy S IV. A blog stated that Samsung might power the device with “Wireless Charging”. The organization also plans to provide a separate dock and back cover that will have wireless charging abilities. It is expected that the wireless charging kit will reach the market two weeks after its launch.

Galaxy S IV Availability Rumors  

It has been reported that the device will first be made available to the East European Countries. And then the device will be made available to the rest of the Europe and Asia by the end of April. The United States, Australia and Africa will receive the device in between May and June 2013.

Samsung Galaxy S4 Specifications

The earlier rumors have stated that Samsung will power the device with most advance specification which include 2.0 GHz Quad Core processor, 2.0GB DDR3 RAM, Exynos Octa Chip, 4.2 Jelly Beans, AMOLED Display with 1080p HD, S-pen Stylus, Wireless Charging and 13 Mega Pixel Camera along with 2 Mega pixel Secondary Camera. It is expected that Samsung device will provide the best specifications in the whole Smartphone world.

Samsung Galaxy S4 Specifications
Samsung Galaxy S4 Specifications

The Selling Target of Samsung Galaxy S4

Samsung Electronics has set a target of selling 10 Million Galaxy S IV which is expected to keep up with the target each month. On the other hand facts and figures clearly reveal that last time Samsung managed to Sell 10 Million Galaxy S III in two months.

The Next Best Smartphone
The Next Best Smartphone

Well, these are all just rumors; no word has yet been confirmed by the Korean Tech Giant. S, nothing is yet certain about the specs and the launch of new Samsung Galaxy S IV and public must look forward to the MWC if Samsung announces the Launch date of their new invention with the introduction of their Galaxy Note 8.0 Tablet.

Samsung Galaxy S4 To Exclude S-Pen & Include Touchless Gesture

Samsung Galaxy S4 To Exclude S-Pen
Samsung Galaxy S4 To Exclude S-Pen
One of the most anticipated smartphones in the world is new iteration of Samsung Galaxy S. The device is expected to become the part of technology world soon in the next month but it is yet not confirmed by Samsung. On the other hand there are new rumors that are exciting the rumor arena these days. The rumors about new Galaxy S4 are convincing as they provide a worth believing reason. Still, nothing is certain Samsung itself announces the specs and features of the device.

S-Pen Not Included

The rumors from the Korean Media “Korean Daily Publications” state that the new iteration of the Samsung Galaxy S might not carry the S-Pen feature and the other touch buttons will be on the phone. The report further states that Samsung’s new flagship device may carry a touch less gesture feature.

Touch Less Gesture Feature

It was earlier reported that Samsung was working on Atmel’s latest mustache S series to introduce the touch less gesture features on their new flagship device expected around March and April 2013. There are devices that are said to be offering touch less gesture but it has been reported that those devices use the front facing camera to detect the movements, so these kinds of devices require massive energy. However, Samsung seems to be the first one to go for touch less features through Atmel’s gadgets.
Samsung Galaxy S4 Touchless Gesture
Samsung Galaxy S4 Touchless Gesture

Best Specs Of Galaxy S4

It has been stated that the device will carry specs that has not yet been ever introduced in another Smartphone. The device is to carry 2.0 GHz quad core along will Exynos 5 octa chip, 2.0 GB DDR3 RAM, 13 Mega Pixel Camera with 2 Mega Pixel secondary Camera, Mail-T678 graphics and 4.99 inches on Super AMOLED HD display with a pixel density of 441ppi. This will be the first time ever in Smartphone history that specs like this being introduced along with some extraordinary features.

Best Specs Of Galaxy S4
Best Specs Of Galaxy S4
Launch of New Samsung Flagship device

It is expected that he device will be announced in Mid March 2013 but it will be made available in April 2013. The current reports say that Samsung has already started to manufacture the device. It has been reprted that Samsung intend to launch the device in segments. The Organization intends to introduce their new flagship device in Eastern Europe in the start of April 2013 and after that in Asia and the rest of Europe by the end of April 2013. Australia, USA and Africa will have the device from the start of May 2013.

Apart from Altius

Another thing that has been reported that other then forms the codename Samsung Galaxy S4 “Altius”, Samsung Electronics is also working on other devices under project J. The rumors state that the Project J consists of Samsung Galaxy S4 mini and a competitor to the rumored Apple iWatch. The Galaxy S IV mini is expected to be 4 inches in display and all the specs available in Galaxy S4 except for Wireless Charging.

Samsung Expected To Introduce Touchless Gesture

The coming iteration of the Samsung Galaxy S is one of the most anticipated Smartphones that has ever been introduced in the technology world. The device is highly anticipated because of the high record bar set by last flagship of the Samsung. The Galaxy S III was one of the best gadgets introduced by Samsung Electronics and now, Samsung is currently working on Galaxy S4. There are other Smartphones in the market which people are looking forward to like HTC M7 that is to be unveiled at the Mobile World Congress which is to be held in two weeks.

New Experiment For Galaxy S4

As we know that Samsung’s Galaxy S III is one of the best in Smartphone and makes the new iteration of Galaxy S more interesting. However, there are a lot of rumors in the market around the world. So, according to the recent rumor it is expected that Samsung might come up with the touch less gesture technology. The Korean Daily Publication said that Samsung is currently using Atmel’s latest mustache S controllers for the Galaxy S4 that will allow gesture Navigation throughout the interface without screen contact. We already know that Sony’s device Xperia Sola is equipped with something called floating touch. Actually, the device uses self capacitive touch sensor along with the mutual capacitive digitizer
Galaxy S4
Samsung using Atmel Maxtouch for Galaxy S IV

Galaxy S4 to Carry Touchless Gesture Function

The touch less sensor function will definitely help the new iteration of Galaxy to stand out of all the devices introduced by rival manufacturers. It will be the most appreciated things in the market if Samsung manages to work it out in their new invention, because that will be something never really expected by technology realm. There is another device which is said to be equipped with a touch less gesture technology but the device use the front camera to detect the movement, which surely means consumption of massive energy.
Samsung Galaxy S4 Specifications
Concept of Samsung Galaxy S4

Launch of Galaxy S4
It is a speculation that Samsung Electronics will introduce the Galaxy S4 on 15 March 2013 whereas Samsung itself has not said anything about the announcement of their new flagship. The speculation is that Samsung’s new device will be up for sale by the start of April. It has also been rumored that Samsung will first introduce the device in Eastern Europe and then in Asia. The device is expected to reach USA Australia and Africa in between May and June 2013.

Specification Speculations

Lots of rumors are about the specs of the device. Well, according to the speculation no such level of Smartphone has been up to these specs until now. The Organization is said to be giving the best in their new device and practically consecrating their talent for the new invention due in March 2013. It is being said that the device will carry 2.0 GHz quad core processor, 2.0 GB DDR3 RAM, 13 Mega Pixel Camera, 4.99 inch1920 by 1080 full HD AMOLED display and might also have touch less gesture technology.
Well, it is “best of luck” to the Korean Giant as they also intend to set up a target of selling 10 Million Galaxy S4 each month

Samsung Galaxy S4 Specifications
Samsung Galaxy S4 Specifications