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128 GB iPad Launch Suggestive of Fall iPad 5 Release

Apple's decision to launch the 128 GB iPad in February seems to make rumors of a new model in March or April appear unlikely, suggesting the fall as a more likely time for a refresh.

iLounge was among the sites to suggest a Spring 2013 date for the launch of the iPad 5, although the site has since backtracked from that claim to suggest that the device will be arriving in or around October. The generally reliable KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo has also predicted a Q3 launch.
World of Apple's Alex Brooks notes that Apple's release of the 128 GB iPad next week lends weight to the idea that Apple will henceforth be returning to an annual release cycle for new iPad models, keeping the tablet more closely in line with iPhone launches and major iOS updates.
This is where the 128GB iPad comes in, the release sends a clear message that despite rumours to the contrary Apple will not release a new iPad in March or April and the next update to the iPad will come in October alongside the second iPad mini, iOS 7 and will ready Apple for another blockbuster year end.
Brooks notes that it would be strange for Apple to return to releasing the iPad midway through the iPhone/iOS cycle, suggesting that the double update for the iPad in 2012 was an opportunity to both align the iPad with the launch schedule for the rest of Apple's device lineup and iOS and to make a wholesale shift to the new Lightning connector.

Top 7 iPhone 6 Rumors You May Like To Know

Apple iPhone 6 rumors - Apple has been able to mesmerize the world with its innovations and technology of its products. The recent iPhone 5 is also an example of the fact. However, with the New Year set into being, the rumors of another advanced device of iPhone 6 by Apple are doing its rounds in the biz world.
The role of cloud-based operations along with connectivity is increasing with every passing day. Every company is on its way to use that in their favor and try to use it through their innovated devices. According to rumor mills, like every other company, Apple is also trying to take a major step in this sector with the introduction of the innovated iPhone 6.
A few iPhone 6 rumors that are making its way into the foray:
1. Mac Operating System
To start with, the rumors being spread about the latest to-be-released device, the latest upcoming device of iPhone 6 by Apple is rumored to be integrated with the Operating System of Mac. The information doing rounds is conveying the message that the latest iPhone 6 from Apple will be an integrated system with that of the Mac systems from the same company. The significance of this is said to be a complete integration system between the two products of Apple. The OS is said to help the users to have control and even access the other Mac Systems through their iPhone 6, and vice-versa.
2. Inclusion of IGZO
The second rumor about the gadget says that Apple will be using the technology of IGZO for the screens of its future devices. This is said to turn the device of iPhone into a much slimmer gadget with high flexibility of physical qualities. The device is also said to be an energy saving one, consuming far less energy than the previous models. iPhone 6 will be having a much higher resolution definition than the devices marketed till date. This will lead to further precision and sharpness of the pictures (both still and moving).

3. 4.8 inches or bigger display
The third rumor being discussed is regarding the screen size of the gadget. It is said to be sporting a big screen, may be 4.8 inches in display or even bigger. The slimmer phone with a bigger display will certainly be a phone that the customers will be looking towards to purchase. However, things will only be revealed after any official announcement by Apple. Until then, these speculations are only being made under certain information based on the rumors doing the round.
4. Slider keypad
If the fourth rumor is to be believed, then the company will come up with a slider keypad in their new iPhone 6 device. This will help the users to type in their messages more smoothly, rather than using the touch keypad on the screen of the device. However, the concept of a manual keyboard was also being speculated before the actualization of the models of iPhone 4S and iPhone 5, but that remained as a speculation only.
5. Changes in graphical illustrations
The fifth rumor that is doing round the biz world regarding the device of iPhone 6 reveals that there will be several changes regarding the graphical illustration of the gadget. Similar speculation was already made prior to the release of earlier versions. However, even after the release of the latest iPhone device, not much changes or overhauling was noticed. However, the customers can look forward to some changes in regards to the graphic appearance of the gadget this time.
6. Changes in hardware
The sixth rumor might provide some extraordinary revelations and in case it is actualized by the company, the result might be something special for the consumers. It is rumored that Apple will be trying to bring some changes in the hardware front of the new device. The information regarding the possibility of an advanced and different kind of hardware to be introduced in the rumored iPhone 6 is making its presence felt among the associates of the biz world.
7. Availability of different colors
Lastly, it is rumored that the upcoming iPhone 6 will be featured in a variety of colors, providing the customers to choose the gadget of their favorite color. It is also being speculated that the device will be having true high definition display feature and even much powerful camera with enhanced functions and clarity.