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Toolbar Cleaner allows you remove toolbars that you’re not using or won’t uninstall the proper way.

Toolbar Cleaner

This is an Example to Show You What and How!!
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Toolbar Cleaner We have a lot of request about how to remove Ask Toolbar. If you used Toolbar Cleaner (if you did not, click here to download Toolbar Cleaner), you should already have removed Ask Toolbar. Just make sure you deleted each occurrence of the Ask Toolbar – there is one listed under each browser, Internet Explorer and Firefox. If you still see some Ask page, it’s likely that the toolbar previously changed you homepage settings and it’s the Ask homepage that you see, not the toolbar. If you want to change the homepage settings, please read How to Change Your Homepage Settings on Toolbar Official Site.
If for some reasons, Toolbar Cleaner was not able to remove the Ask Toolbar, you can use these alternatives:
1. Remove Ask Toolbar with the Control Panel
2. On the toolbar, locate the Options button at the right end and click on the down arrow. You should see an uninstall menu
3. On Firefox, you can go to Tools|Add-ons, select Ask Toolbar and uninstall
For more detailed instructions on how to remove Ask Toolbar, you can read Ask Toolbar Uninstall and Home Page Reset from Ask website.


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